About Us

The Tre Faggi project was born in 2011 when Alessandro Cremaschi decided to build a new concept of farm.


The revolutionary idea is that great profit and mental peace can be achieved simultaneously, respecting local natural customs. But this aim can be achieved only with a afterthought of current modern man’s ethics and priorities, rebuilding agriculture in harmony with sustainability and nature.

Places, flavors and traditions of any land are a priceless legacy for future generations; so we all have to spend the maximum effort to conserve this heritage.

Our world sees continuous upheavals. To deal with these difficult times it is essential to preserve the ancient wisdom, but with a new avant-garde perspective.

Tre faggi decided to bet on Val Brembana, a pleasant valley near Bergamo in Italy. Tre Faggi decided to invest money to boost marginal lands’ agricultural productivity, in order to preserve and maintain local traditions.

In addition you rarely know where the food you buy comes from; you can’t know if it has been grown with toxic fertilizers or exploiting people in middle asia, maybe also financing terrorism.

Tre Faggi assures you food not grown with toxic fertilizers, not grown with poor people’s exploitation and not grown with financing terrorism, together with other priceless quality factors.


Tre Faggi Saffron assures you a product completely natural, completely healty and completely Italian.


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