"Yout Family" Chalet

You wake up in the morning and while you turn over in bed you smell the wood; come out again in your pajamas and breathe deeply the clean fresh air of the nearby woods.

Breakfast as you like it, with some organic raspberries harvested in the field of the company and then a tour of the plantations with the farmer who explains the origins and methods of cultivating saffron.

It does not seem but it is already lunchtime, with a bit of help and old-fashioned knowledge, prepare the dough for noodles with the children, just like you did with your grandmother.

Everyone at the table who is ready! While you eat 2 meters from you, inside his fence, there is a cow that looks at you greedy and seems to have all the air of wanting to eat your lunch.

In the afternoon you decide to take two steps, go for a ride in the woods, while you walk you catch a spider's web in your face, make a skit and everyone laughs with taste.

You arrive in a garden where there is a hut, you approach and there is a cheesemaker who is milking in the stable; it shows you how to make cheese and then take a look at how cheese is made. His every gesture seems like a brushstroke, and you are intoxicated by his art.

You come back home, quick shower and dinner with the mountains bordering the valley in your eyes.

It gets dark, you light the fire in the brazier and all around to warm up you start telling stories, strum the guitar and then listen to the silence.

At some point you look up and notice a myriad of stars, you even see a brighter band in the dark of the sky and explain to the children that this is the Milky Way.

Tired, go to sleep, with an extra day that you carry on your face, because you smile, and perhaps at this point also in your heart.

Sometimes we can discover that even simple things excite us, when they are authentic.

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