Educational Farm: Why teach how to cultivate?


Why teach how to cultivate? You will say (and the economic doctrine confirms) because with the educational farm children arrive, with the children the parents arrive and with the parents the sales arrive, so the products are advertised at no cost.

If you think so, then try to follow and understand our thoughts set out below in a few words.

If you are a denier of global warming it is perhaps the case that you close your browser and continue to watch your business on Rai 1, because if nothing of what happened in the last twenty years and that is still happening in the world has made you change your mind , these two lines written by a simple farmer surely will not.

If, on the other hand, you too are of the idea that submerged Venice, the floods in Liguria and the invasion of the Asian bug (in addition to the melting of the glaciers and other more known consequences of global warming) are part of a larger picture caused by pollution , then you are one of ours and you already have the answer to the question we asked you.

Intensive breeding, intensive farming and mass production of consumption and production processes mean a society no longer tailored to the needs of man and our land, which being natural in nature, certainly cannot become artificial, like the many nonsense we invent every day to be richer or more fulfilled. Hence the need to give space to a more human project and to communicate it also to future generations, so that eco-sustainability is perceived as a value, not as a passing fashion or a loser concept. Did we not convince you? Watch this video.

Are you still puzzled? Come and visit us on the farm for a chat and a tour of the plantations.


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