Why life's quality is priceless

In 2010 we asked ourselves: "what can make our saffron better than the others?" From that moment on, we have tirelessly tried to nurture the culture of quality, communicating and teaching our friends the meaning of intelligent and healthy food, as well as proper nutrition.

Also for these reasons, in 2014, after the first years of experimentation, we decided to get involved, having our saffron analyzed by the University of the Mountain of Edolo; the result is attached here on the right and it appears that our saffron falls into the first qualitative category.

But healthy food doesn't just mean quality; the culture of well-being must also be nourished with everyday life. So we thought: "why don't we include our entire production cycle in the organic method?" After two years of conversion, in 2019 we obtained the organic certification attached here on the right.

But quality, like emotions, cannot be contained in a piece of paper; to be real it is necessary to experience it. This is why in 2020 we decided to open the doors of our company (and our houses) to all those who want to know more about how we do our things and how we can make the fruits of our land become an authentic value to communicate (and also to eat). From 2020, in fact, the "La Vostra Famiglia" holiday home will be active, where you will be able to experience first hand all that we have only talked about so far.ù

Immersed in this spirit of constant movement and aspiration towards what makes our offer better, we find it easy to answer the question "why is the quality of life priceless": because all this we do not sell it to you; we give you the opportunity to live it.

If you want to know more, write us or give us a ring; we are always pleased to have a chat with our friends and supporters.


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