Saffron tube pakage 0.017oz

  • Provette 0,5g

Saffron tube pakage 0.017oz

Package: Tube
Weight: 0.017oz

Recommended number of saffron risotto portions with 0.017oz: 12

Risotto alla milanese recipe:
1. Saffron stigmas are currently dried. You have to make them “resume” before cooking risotto: put them into a glass of hot water.
2. Stir occasionally until infusion is completed (at least 30 minutes). Don’t’ worry if the stigmas WILL NOT DISSOLVE; it’s normal, they are eatable.
3. 5 Minutes before finishing to cook risotto add the entire glass; stir until the risotto is bright yellow coloured.
4. Serve and enjoy you Italian risotto alla milanese.


The product may be subject to limitations in the amount, a stock depletion or a Production unavailability.

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